About This Site

What is australia.com.ph all about?

Most Filipinos living in Australia would like to know where they can buy Filipino groceries, and meet up with other Filipinos. The idea behind this directory is the same. We are providing a directly so that Australians in the Philippines know where to find the things they love and miss, and can meet up with other Aussies or foreigners.

This is a website made by Australians in the Philippines FOR Australians in the Philippines…..although there’s value here also for Englishmen, New Zealanders, Canadians, Irishmen and Americans too.

We felt it was high time that there was a site for expats and visitors of those places and businesses that are westerner-friendly. We needed a directory of places that were not third-world standard, and businesses that were welcoming and relevant to westerners in the Philippines.

  • Hotels that were comfortable and with proper hot water
  • Restaurants that served western-style food
  • Pubs, clubs and resorts where other westerners frequent so you have someone to talk to
  • Other businesses and services that are of particular interest to Australians and other “foreigners” visiting the Philippines or living and working here


So, to all Australians and other English-speaking visitors or residents in the Philippines, we have made this site for you!

Please enjoy, and please visit frequently. We expect that the number of listings will be increasing all the time.

And please share the link to this site with interested friends, and on Facebook or Twitter or other social media that you use.

Businesses? Feel free to put a link to this site on your own site, for the benefit of your own site visitors.


Filipino-Operated Businesses

Do we list 100% Filipino Businesses?


Yes, Filipino businesses that believe they provide products or services that an Australian or other expat would be interested in, are also encouraged to add their free listing on this directory.