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Adding a link back to from your website will earn you a bump-up for your listing so that it can be displayed above others listings.

Linking back to us is one of six ways to earn a bump-up for your listing so that it can be on the top. See all the ways to get a premium listing for free.

You can use the banners and text links below to link to us on your website.

Text Links   paste this into your site:
  <a  href=”” title=” Directory”></a>

Philippines Business Directory paste this into your site:
<a  href=”” title=”Aussie-friendly directory of the Philippines”>Aussie-friendly directory of the Philippines</a>


To use a banner first right click and download the banner, and then upload it to your site linking it to either our main page or to our own listing if you prefer.


120×60 jpg with a white background 2.6KB


120×60 png with transparent background 9.6KB


250×124 jpg white background 7.8KB


250×124 png with transparent background 29.8KB

Create a link to your listing

If you prefer you can add a link back directly to your listing and this will still count towards getting a premium listing.

Modify and paste this code into your site:
<a href=”URL” title=”TITLE”> LINK TEXT</a>

URL = The web link to your listing
TITLE = Name of your business
LINK TEXT = Name of your business

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