Tips For An Effective Listing

Tips For An Effective Listing at

To give you site the best possible exposure and get the most value out of your Listing at we suggest the following tips.

  1. Make sure your complete address is entered. This will help the google maps function correctly plot your location. If Google still doesn’t plot it correctly , go to google maps and manually enter the location of your business.
  2. The Title should be your business name.
  3. Write a full description that is different from the content of the description on your website. If you just copy and paste text from your website Google will penalize the listing for being duplicate content. Your description should be 300 words or more if possible.
  4. Try and have at least one picture in your listing. Listings with pictures get the most clicks – it’s that simple.
  5. Make your location as accurate as possible. If you are in Makati – check off Manila and Makati
  6. Link back to your listing from your website and social media accounts..
  7. Get a premium listing for FREE! There are six ways to bump your listing up above other listings

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